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Welcome to Train Athletic

As part of a major expansion programme and increased nutrition focus P1Fitness has been relaunched under a new brand of Train Athletic. We're still offering the same innovative concept in group and personal fitness training but in a much larger space with a progression path for clients into CrossFit.  The main website for Train Athletic is www.trainathletic.co.uk.

At P1 we deliver activities that are unique, available to all and designed to achieve results.

The group activities offered by P1 have been carefully designed to match the variety of client fitness levels. From Bootcamp and TRX Training to Advanced Kettlebell’s and Personal Training we offer a clear progression path and a class portfolio that balances fun with serious strength and cardio training.

P1 aim to deliver value for money and have no annual contract membership system, new potential clients can register on the website to book a free consultation and then get instant access to our online class booking service.

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Your first choice for Personal Training in Worksop

So what is it that sets P1 apart from other companies offering personal training in Worksop, Retford and Sheffield?

Quite simply, its our reputation and results. 

We have the facility to ensure every personal training session is strictly one-on-one throughout. No distractions, No waiting for machines, just you and your Personal Trainer focusing on you and what really matters, your results! 

Our approach to fitness training is unique and our programmes are delivered by highly experienced trainers whose passion and commitment are second to none. Your trainier will also guide you through all other aspects of health and fitness away from your sessions e.g training inside and outside of the studio to diet, supplementation, lifestyle and all support services to ensure maximum results. 

Not only do will your traininer provide you with all the motivation and support you could need but we provide our trainers with the latest functional training kit to ensure your sessions are always dynamic and varied. 
Functional strength training involves getting your body to move in different directions, paths of motion (front and back, side to side and rotation) and moving multiple body parts together. 

There is almost no limit to what you can do in functional training because it is only limited by your ability to move and your creativity. Also, functional strength training works your entire body, allowing you to burn more calories at higher intensities. 

Full-body functional exercises can improve your range of motion, posture and balance while strengthening your abdominal muscles, pelvis, and back muscles. 

Functional strength training helps you to move more fluidly and be able to use your entire body to perform feats of strength, such as squatting, lunging and lifting. It also teaches you to move and stabilize your core properly, which maintains your balance and posture, and provides the source of strength and power.   

One major benefit of functional strength training is that it maximizes your calorie expenditure in less time when compared to isolated machine and body part training. Great functional training equipment includes Kettlebells, Olympic Bars, Ropes and TRX Suspension Training, all of which we have at P1.